Ordering & Shipping Policies


When you order rings from us you may select a ring that is one of a kind which makes you the only one in the world that owns that ring. As some of our jewelers have become world renowned, you may be purchasing a ring that might very well become more valuable over time.

As for rings we offer that are not one a kind, they all have one thing in common with our one of a kind rings: Because of our very high standards in selecting our jewelry designers, all of our rings are singularly spectacular.

Ring Sizing

On our website you will find a pull down chart to select the size of your ring size. This is very dependable in most cases. Or if you would prefer, we can send you for a free sizing kit to keep. Any questions, contact us at sales@californiacollectors.net or call +1 844-722-2787.

We recommend that you size your finger in the middle of the day. Mornings and later in the day can change the size a bit. If you’re sizing your finger with a ring sizer use a thin band for a thin ring and a wide band for a wide ring. If all you have is a thin ring sizer and you are buying a wide ring add ¼ size for women and ½ size for men. If all you have is a wide ring sizer, and you want a thin ring size down the same way. If your sizer is slightly tight or slightly loose a ring can be sized a ¼ size up or down for slight differences.


Although we offer complimentary 2-Day Shipping, it is important to note that the timing on when we ship your order may vary due to the fact that, in some cases, rings will need to be custom designed for you by the artists in your ring size. Custom designing can take up to 2-3 weeks.